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Git Ignore Conflicts During Rebase


During a git rebase, I am getting conflicts on artifacts that I am not interested in merging.

For example, I am only interest in merging scss files but not the css, because the css is already minified and will be hard to merge via mergetool. A more sensible way is to ignore the merge and recompile the css at the end of the rebase.


On a typical git rebase master, you may get some conflicts like this.

According to advanced git article, this can be achieved by using skip.

$ git rebase --skip

Git will try to do an auto-merge on the files and leave dirty files in the folder. From this point, we can recompile our css and git add them.


If your code base require you to check in compiled artifacts, highly recommended to do that as a separate commit. That will make your life easier on merge and rebase.