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Coding JSX in Eclipse

Setup Eclipse for JSX

We use Eclipse in our dev environment because that's officially what our Demandware UX Studio supports. As we migrate our jQuery to React.js, coding JSX in Eclipse required a few setup.

Associate *.jsx to the JavaScript Editor as 'default' editor.

Associate the content type to the file type.

Bonus: Webpack

We use webpack to package our file and running Eclipse in the background to automatically upload our cartridge to our Demandware sandbox. In order for Eclipse to detect a change and trigger an upload automatically, there is one more setting we need to change - Refresh using native hooks or polling.


  1. Hi, I just came across this post, as I am also looking at implementing demandware in React / with a webpack build, rather than what siteGenesis provides. How did you get on with using react / webpack in the project, and do you have any examples or hints you could share with me? thanks

    1. Hi there, I am making a blog post about Demandware in React next week. Our site entered in UAT and will go live next week, I will list out some of my findings, tips and challenges. Take a look at react-habitat-redux in the meanwhile.


    2. Thanks for the reply. react-habitat-redux looks very interesting. I can't wait to hear more about the project as a whole in your blog :)