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Bitbucket Continuous Integration with Bitbucket Pipelines


We use Bitbucket as our SCM and other few Atlassian products in our development team. Happy to say that I am pleased with the tools that it made our daily works very productive and hassle free. 

Recently, I am looking into a CICD solution for our deployment process. I have already previously Setting Up Jenkins for GitHubSetting Up Octopus Deploy for Jenkins with nopCommerce Projects or Setup Continuous Integration with Visual Studio Online. I like the design of Octopus Deploy, but given we are now happily living with our Atlassian suite, I want to see what the Bitbucket Pipelines (formerly Bamboo) can offer me. 

I just signed up for the Bitbucket Pipelines Beta and already received the beta invitation within about 6 hours :)


  • Setup and integrate Bamboo with Bitbucket.
  • Explore possibility to automatically run the Demandware Grunt Build Suite when we commit to master.


I clicked the link to install the Bitbucket Pipelines add-on.
Went through a simple setup procedure and enabled it in my repository.

It adds a Pipelines link in my repository.

Going through the wiki to configure the bitbucket-pipelines yml.

It is essential to understand the Docker Image used by Bitbucket pipelines. The default image uses ubuntu and is good enough in our scenario.

In the setting tab, we are able to setup environment variables for username and password.

We created a bitbucket-pipelines.yml script in the root folder.

Check-ins to the master will trigger the Bamboo to run the build job and script.


I have not had much chance to explore further, but it looks quite promising and does what I wanted. I like the fact that it is tightly integrated with our bitbucket so I do not need to login to another service, the setup was simple and straightforward.

"Build servers build" - Bitbucket Pipeline is a CI server and not a CICD server. We will leverage Bitbucket Pipelines for our continuous integration and our Demandware Business Manager for deployment purpose. I am pleased with the Bamboo Pipelines, this should work well and fits in our CICD strategy.