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Demandware - Monogram by using Product Options


Our business wants to start selling personalized product by monogramming. In this particular promotion, customer gets a free monogrammed luggage tag when they buy a bag.


In Demandware, this can be achieved by using Product Options. This is the recommended way to deal with monogram in Demandware. As they stated in their document, "product options enable you to sell configurable products that have optional accessories, upgrades...".

We can set up product options by going into Business Manager. Merchant Tools -> Products and Catalogs -> Product Options.

Create a New Option and put in relevant details.

In our scenario, we have allowed up to 3 initials for our monogram. Due to Demandware limitations and our UI design, we decided to store the values in 3 different product options. Each option stores A-Z and a blank, it can vary base on your technical and UI requirement.

We will then create the System Object Attribute to store the Product Options.

In Administration -> Site Development -> System Object Types, we will add new attributes for Product.


Monogramming options can be set at per color level. Therefore, in our product detail page, we are now able to sell our chocolate color bag with monogramming options but not our black color bag.

And the monogram information is available in our mini cart, cart, checkout and all the way through to our order summary page, as well as the order confirmation email that we sent to our customers.


There were a few discussions, considerations and research done within our team when we were planning for the monogram features for our products. Once we read enough Demandware documentations, and with a few try and error in our sandbox, we got our solution. We are happy with this implementations because it uses the native Demandware features rather than putting custom code in our cartridge.

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