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DemandWare UX Studio could not open the protocol handler port.

Today I am trying to setup Eclipse and Demandware on my local machine and I am getting the following DemandWare UX Studio could not open the protocol handler port error when I am trying to run in debug mode.

It turns out that UX Studio does not allow running of multiple Eclipse instances. And the issue is with the setup of my Eclipse. The Eclipse Application Configuration should not be there. After the removal of it and everything is working again.

nopCommerce - Missing configure button in plugin


I am building a new nopCommerce plugin that will handle the CyberSource Order Status Notification. Everything went smoothly and got all my code compiled. After the installation of the plugins, I found there is a missing configure button that would normally be there.


I revisited the source code of my other plugins, it compiles fine and didn't spot any obvious error. I went over to some of my notes and wiki then I found I missed a very little step.

public class CyberSourceOSNPlugin : BasePlugin, IMiscPlugin

I created the plugin class file but left out the bit where I have to implement an interface of IPlugin. After I implemented the interface, it is working fine again.