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DemandWare UX Studio could not open the protocol handler port.

Today I am trying to setup Eclipse and Demandware on my local machine and I am getting the following DemandWare UX Studio could not open the protocol handler port error when I am trying to run in debug mode.

It turns out that UX Studio does not allow running of multiple Eclipse instances. And the issue is with the setup of my Eclipse. The Eclipse Application Configuration should not be there. After the removal of it and everything is working again.

eCommerce store review - Cotton On

As I do my online shopping, I sometimes blog about interesting things that I found. I was looking for some kid stuff and stumble across to this site.


My first impression of the site is very good. It is clean and crisp. There are lots of information but not clogging up. The hero image is large and eye catching. It looks like the site is professionally designed and created, but just needed a few touch up.

Firstly, the thumbnail is not updated with the hero image. Depending on how the thumbnail images are managed, it could be a JavaScript issue or simply a cache issue.

The size option OSFA is more or less an acronym for people who are not familiar to the retail industry. I think One Size Fits All or simply One Size would be sufficient.

The product description began the line by saying "With four amazing patterns...." but there are only 3 available, so I was a bit disappointed that I am missing out with the 4th pattern.

Unless the text "four" can be dynamically updated depending on the availability of the patterns, otherwise I would not "hardcode" any numbers in the description.


These are the things that I would consider when building an ecommerce site. Other than the small trivial errors found above, I really enjoyed the site. The hero image is big and catchy, who wouldn't want to take home with one of those pineapple towel?

nopCommerce - Missing configure button in plugin


I am building a new nopCommerce plugin that will handle the CyberSource Order Status Notification. Everything went smoothly and got all my code compiled. After the installation of the plugins, I found there is a missing configure button that would normally be there.


I revisited the source code of my other plugins, it compiles fine and didn't spot any obvious error. I went over to some of my notes and wiki then I found I missed a very little step.

public class CyberSourceOSNPlugin : BasePlugin, IMiscPlugin

I created the plugin class file but left out the bit where I have to implement an interface of IPlugin. After I implemented the interface, it is working fine again.