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Sass + Compass compile css with minification and map file


I am trying to mimic the way how files are generated in the Bootstrap Distribution that contains the css file with minification and the map files by using the Bootstrap Sass.


When I compile in development mode, I will get the normal css; when I compile in production mode, I will get the minified css.

In my config.rb

output_style = (environment == :production) ? :compressed : :expanded

on_stylesheet_saved do |file|
 if File.exists?(file) && (output_style == :compressed)
  filename = File.basename(file, File.extname(file)), css_dir + "/" + filename + ".min" + File.extname(file))
  puts "   minify " + css_dir + "/" + filename + ".min" + File.extname(file)

The output will look like this between development (default) and production.

Map File

In order to generate the map files, it can be done via a switch.

compass compile --sourcemap

Or by setting up in the config.rb.

sourcemap = (environment == :production)

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