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Testing with CyberSource

I had some random issues about testing in CyberSource in the past. I asked their support a few questions, back and forth. These are already documented by CyberSource, but I found it easier to summerize them in one place.

Test Credit Card

I found this numbers from the DM_developer_guide_SCMP_API.pdf. This can be downloaded from their CyberSource Test Business Center.

American Express  3782 8224 6310 005
MasterCard 5555 5555 5555 4444
Visa 4111 1111 1111 1111

Test Total Amount

If the grand total amount is between $100 and 200, the system may or may not throw error as it is designed for testing different responses. I learnt this in a hard way.

Test CVV

Similarly, CVV between 901 and 906 yield to different AuthReply response. By the look at the pattern, they might add more test cases later on, so I would avoid using anything > 900.

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