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eCommerce store review - Kmart

Kmart is a large department store that sells clothes, stationary, electronics etc in Australia.

I was trying to search for some "Wii U" stuff in Kmart and as we know, that implies the Nintendo Wii U game console stuff.

A little disappointed to see what I get back in the search result. I ended up with a bunch of U-shaped pillows with no Wii.

Technical Insight

How it works?

The site used "or" clause in their search. It means they are trying to match any products that have "Wii" or "U" in the product keywords / names / descriptions. Thus the result set is not relevant to what was intended.

What happen to the Wii? My logic is simple. They didn't have any Wii products online but only their brick and mortar store.

How would I do better?

  1. One way I can think of is to add ban word to the pillow products to disallow them showing up in a search of "Wii anything".
  2. Another way is to give the user an advance options so they can choose to use "or" or "and" for their keywords. (This one is quite commonly found as it is easier to implement.)
  3. Take out ambiguous or noise words from keyword such as "U"

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