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BitCoin Hoax Email - Wrong Target Audience?

Received an hoax email about successful bit coin authorization today. Occasionally you get emails about winning lotto or inherit some money from your lost ancestors, but why bit coin?

BitCoin was certainly a hot topic in the recent years, but it is still among the more IT savvy who knows the digital world in and out. It seems a bit contradicting when an hoax email suppose to target someone less geeky?

To think out of the box, I am going to look at the email from a non-technical perspective.

  • BTC is an acronym short for Bit Coin, but not for general public.
  • Most people wouldn't click since there is no incentive like big lotto winning or money waiting for you.
  • For people who do own or use bit coin, there simply no such thing as invoice confirm. Bit coin is all about block chains.
It did however added some fun to my day while I am doing branching and merging. :)

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