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nopCommerce - EF Configuration for SQL Composite Key

It is a common practice in the fashion industry that they have designer colors like crimson or scarlet for their fashion piece, but the majority of the consumers would only use common color name like red.

I build some custom SQL tables in nopCommerce by using Entity Framework Code First.

The following is the SQL tables, where color has a field IsCore to indicate if it is a core color, and ColorMapping has a composite key that does the mapping. Fairly straight forward.

In nopCommerce, I built a custom admin screen that does the mapping. For those who are curious, the titles are dynamically pulled from the core colors in the table with IsCore flag set to true. This is similar logics I get from the Shipping Method Restrictions screen.

So far so good. One thing that got me though is the EF Configuration.

Trying random things will get different kind of errors.

How about try to copy from the ShippingMethodMap? (It is located in Nop.Data\Mapping\Shipping\) Afterall, it has the same SQL structure. The .HasMany .WithMany approach were a bit messy and didn't quite well for me.

The simplest approach seems to work for me. In my ColorMappingMap, I created a composite key and ignore the field Id. Remember, we don't have Id in the SQL table.

While on the topic of fashion industry. I just received my invitations to the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia SS 14/15 in April. Who is going?

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