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I have a developer background and know absolute nothing about how Google SEO works, besides the fact that I know it is important to get a site become popular in a Google search.

This is an important topic for me to learn in 2014, and I will slowly uncover the technical parts one after one by blogging them.

Search within Site

This is a very useful function to keep track of what pages are currently indexed by Google. This can help identify what pages are missing or what the page result will look like to users in a google search.

To perform a site search, the syntax is like this, type the whole string in a google search box.

A result will look like this, it returns all pages of a domain. It works for both naked domain or subdomain.

Fetch and Submit

Fetch will force Google to crawl a URL. This is useful when you have just updated meta information or you have a new page that you might want Google to reindex.

Submit will force Google to reindex the page. Think of it like a commit command for your source code repository. After your fetch, you must submit to Google or Google will not reindex it.

These are done via the WebMaster Tool.

1 comment:

  1. You don't really have to use the fetch and submit features in GWMT to get Google to reindex a page; they'll do that eventually on their own. Though it's a good thing to use in emergency cases such as if your site was hacked and the content was changed, you'd want them to reindex the real version of your site as soon as possible as opposed to waiting around for Google's spiders to find it.

    Fred | SEODominator