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JQuery Star Rating Plugins Review


Today I needed a star scoring jquery plugin for one of my project. I had a quick search on the internet and chose raty at the end. There maybe better one than this out there, but I was not intending to search for the best one in the world, I simply needed one easy to use, easy to configure and works. I have put my reviews as follow:-


* Just needed a div node
* Everything worked out of the box
* Quite easily configurable

* If Jquery is disabled, all you get is a div and functionality lost


* N/A, I couldn't get it to work with .Net

* Although I couldn't get it to work, but the jquery code must call some php to call the database, this is a contaminating between UI layer and DAL layer. Jquery should only be responsible for UI and return some kind of XML or JSON for other layers to take care of business logic or database access.

Jquery Star Rating

* It uses input radio button, therefore it is possible to fall back to non-javascript with radio buttons

* Not really a con but the reason I didn't try is too much copy and paste coding for input tags, and wasn't a requirement for me to support fall back non-javascript browser

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